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MSS Venue Rental


The shul’s venue is available for use by shul members and non-members.

To reserve the venue for your simcha, please email us at

MSS regular attendees are not charged to use our venue when sponsoring kiddush/ luncheon for their simcha during Shabbat and Chag. However, No private events are allowed during Shul hours, it cannot be exclusive to your guests, all MSS congrentants are invited.

Venue charges apply for private events during non-Shul hours to cover use of the kitchen, yard, cleaning, tables and chairs etc.

Please note:

  • Reservations are taken on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Shul functions take precedence over private events.
  • No events can be done on Wednesdays and All events must end music by 10:30 PM

The following information and regulations apply to all persons and groups using the facility.

Cleanup:  Mandatory cleaning fee will apply to the venue rental using our staff. It is expected that the Shul is left as clean as it was when you entered. This includes the shul, yard, kitchen and grounds. Please remove any decorations, banners, or signs after the event.

Furniture:  Venue rental price includes use and setup of chairs and tables. We have 5 round tables, 5 cocktail tables, 1 bar, 15 rectangular tables and 120 white wedding chairs.

Food: Caterers are welcome to use our kitchen facilities as long as they are under circle K, OU, or RCC supervision. Outside food cannot be brought into the kitchen.

The pricing for venue rental is as follows:

(Pricing includes use of tables and chairs and venue space. It does not include setup & cleaning fee)




Less than 50 guests



50-80 guests



80-120 guests







Mandatory Cleaning Fee (includes setup) :

Up to 80 guests: $150

80-120 guests: $300


Wed, October 16 2019 17 Tishrei 5780